Classic Overcheck Tweed Flat Cap by Major of London

A classic overcheck twill flat cap made from 100% wool, that is perfect for casual stylish wear.



Classic Overcheck twill, tweed flat cap. Made from 100% wool. Stylish and practical. Very comfortable to wear and easy to clean. By Major of London.

Original quality headwear, expertly manufactured. 100% wool, made to wear well, made to last, made for comfort!


For hats that come in mulitple sizes, please use this approximate size guide, as there is a very slight variation with hats in general:

XS - 55cm
S - 56cm
M - 57-58cm
L - 59cm
XL - 60cm
XXL - 61cm
XXXL - 62cm

Note: Sizes may vary slightly on some products.


€ 28.95

by Major of London

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