Adult Lifejacket 150N

Large floating collar - ensures airways are protected from water!



150N Adult vest by Lalizas, to provide buoyancy in case of falling overboard during ocean navigation.

Equipped with a wide protective collar, this waistcoat allows you to immediately retrieve an unconscious person and keep their head out of the water.

A large floating collar ensures that the airways are protected from water.

Characteristics of the Lalizas vest 150N:

  • Fluorescent orange waistcoat for quick identification in case of falling overboard.
  • SOLAS reflective tape.
  • Adjustable belt with quick and secure closure.
  • Zipper closure.
  • Whistle on the chest (100dB at about 5m)
  • Towing hitch.
  • Adjustable sub-cut strap to guarantee even more safety.

Conforms to the latest European standards ISO 12402-3 relating to 150N life jackets.

Available in 4 sizes depending on the weight of the wearer.

  1. Weight 40 - 50 kg: 80 - 90 cm.
  2. Weight 50 - 70 kg: 90 - 100 cm.
  3. Weight 70 - 90 kg: 110 - 120 cm.
  4. Weight> 90 kg: 120 - 130 cm.

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