Eyeskey Quality Binocular Harness EK#2301

4 Way Adjustable Binocular Harness - Great for Binoculars, Cameras and Rangefinders!



Made from 100% highest quality materials which have been used and tested extensively, this attractively designed and durable harness is built to last. The harness has elasticated straps which position it comfortably on the chest and disperse the weight of the device on the shoulders and torso. The harness has a wide and perforated back panel which is sufficient to support heavy binoculars and has a unique design which self adjusts for added comfort. The harness offers a large adjustability range to fit most individuals. It is ideal for binoculars, rangefinders and most cameras and aids for quick and easy sighting. 

€ 12.95

by Eyeskey

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