Klarus TR10NS Remote Pressure Switch

An Excellent Non-Strobe Remote Pressure Switch that fits the KLARUS FH10 and XT30 Hunting Lights



The Klarus TR10NS is an excellent non-strobe remote pressure switch which can be used in conjunction with the following Klarus flashlights: FH10, XT30, XT10, XT11, XT12, XT15, XT20. It features two switches, one that activates the 'Momentary-On' and one that activates the 'Constant-On'. The 'Momentary-On' button also functions as the 'Off' switch. To activate the 'Constant-On' switch simply hold down the switch for approx. 2 seconds and it will activate the High brightness level. You can then depress the switch to cycle through other brightness levels.

€ 14.95

Previously - € 21.95

by Klarus

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