Konus Motormax-90 Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope Konus #1795

The Konus Motormax-90 Telescope Provides Images of Impeccable Quality, High Resolution and Excellent Luminosity!



The Maksutov Cassegrain configuration of the Konus Motormax-90 combined with a 90mm diameter provides images of impeccable quality, high resolution and excellent luminosity.

The Konus #1795 Motormax-90 telescope's construction uses both mirrors and lenses which results in an extremely compact and user friendly piece of equipment

Furthermore, the telescope has a tracking motor, which will automatically follow an object in the sphere you have chosen. The Motormax-90 telescope has magnifications of 20x to 180x meaning it is not only ideal for deep space observations but can also be used for close distance observations such as ornithology or wildlife.

€ 449.95

by Konus

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