Konusflash-4 Rechargeable 220 Lumens Headtorch

Super powerful 100M+ Beam Throw



The KONUSFLASH-4, Rechargeable head torch has been developed with LED illumination in order to produce an intense light (220 LUMENS), it's metal body provides enhanced durability, making it an indispensable tool for hunting, lamping, tradesmen, equine uses, running, hiking, biking, and lots of other outdoor pursuits.

Unlike many other rechargeable head torches, the Konusflash recharges at the lamp head so there is no uncomfortable, awkward battery pack or wires at the back of the head.

It's features include a headband for hands-free operation and three selectable modes of use:

  • Full power.
  • Half power (extending charge time)
  • Strobe.

The metal head is zoomable and can be tilted. It comes with battery supplied and is rechargeble by virtue of the included A/C adapter.

We offer it an unbeatable price of €26.95.

€ 26.95

by Konus

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