Konuspace - 5 Refractor Telescope Konus #1731

The Konuspace 5 Telescope is easy to assemble and get started with - great for beginners!



An ideal choice for beginners, the Konuspace 5 is easy to assemble and get started with. It can be used either as a terrestrial or astronomical telescope and comes equipped with a zoom eyepiece which gives gradual magnifications from 6x to 28x. It has an equatorial mount which is equipped with an R.A. tracking motor and two section metal tripod.

In addition to this the Konuspace 5 is equipped with a 5x24 finderscope, 90 degree diagonal mirror, terrestrial zoom eyepiece and  two eyepieces (F6mm and H12.5mm - 24.5mm/0.9" diameter).

€ 78.95

by Konus

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