Konuspot-100 20-60x100 Spotting Scope Konus #7122B

Fantastic Light Gathering combined with High Power Magnification!



With a huge 100mm objective lens that gathers a great deal of light and a powerful zoom eyepiece, the Konuspot-100 20-60x100 Spotting Scope by Konus is ideal for a wide range of viewing and digiscoping uses. The combination of multi-coated optics and a 100mm objective lens provides excellent light transmission even in low-light situations at dusk and dawn, while the 20-60x zoom brings distant objects into sharp focus. The rubber-armored metal body protects the optics, and an extendable sunshade prevents glare on the image. A unique quick-swivel set screw allows the unit to rotate. The scope can be used for digiscoping with the included camera mount and smartphone adapter (a T2 ring is required for mounting a camera). The Konuspot-100 comes with a carry case and lens cloth.


  • KonuSpot-100 20-60x100 Spotting Scope with Camera / Smartphone Adapter
  • Front & Rear Caps
  • SLR (Film OR Digital) Camera Adapter (requires camera-specific T2 ring)
  • Carrying Case
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty


€ 359.95

by Konus

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